Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter, The Television Edition

Many fans who grew up watching the Friday The 13th film franchise in the 1980's recall watching Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter on television at some point. In fact, this writer actually saw The Final Chapter for the first time on television late night. In fact, the television version was recorded that night and that was the only version that was viewed for nearly six months. When the theatrical film was bought on VHS later on, what a rude awakening it was as many memorable scenes were gone. The question about what happened went unanswered for many years. Of course, many fans know the story now.

For those that are unaware, Paramount created a television edit, or some call it a Work Print, for the film that could be aired on public television. This television version of the film was filled with scenes that were cut from the theatrical version of the film to help fill a two hour time slot for home viewing audiences. Since a number of cuts had to be made for television with regards to deaths, gore and nudity, it was essential that this television edition of the The Final Chapter be created and fans were treated to many scenes that may never had been witnessed a that time.

Below are the scenes that were a part of the television edition that were removed for theatrical release.

Ambulance Paramedics
An extra sequence in the very beginning of the film shows the two paramedics discussing the legitimacy of an "emergency" and how the female should have had the night off.

Tommy's Lost Mask
While Trish and Tommy are stranded on the side of the road when their car breaks down. Tommy is looking in the trunk for a screw driver when he finds something else.

The Guillotine 
After Rob helps the brother and sister pair fix their car, they offer to drive him deeper into the woods, which happens to be near their house. Rob is invited inside the Jarvis house and finds himself in Tommy's room with a guillotine.

Roommates Get Cozy
At the party house, everyone is getting ready to party. Sexual tension of roommates Sarah and Doug heighten.

The Workout
Trish is in her room working out when Mrs. Jarvis enters demanding that Trish go into town to get the part to fix the car and get Tommy that haircut!

Motion Censors
After Jason breaks Rob's gun in the tent at his camp, Rob decides to go out and check the motion sensor equipment he set up earlier.

To watch all of the scenes discussed above, please check out the video below. Thanks to Youtube channel  for the video!

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