Coming Soon: 'An Unfortunate Friday The 13th' Film Series

Fan Films are so much fun to watch as the creativity of the die hard Friday The 13th fans are on full display for everyone to enjoy. Sometimes, watching these types of films can be cringe worthy depending on the film quality and acting, but the efforts are always commendable and welcomed. The real treats for fan films come from people who not only have a passion for the film franchise, but for movies and the the technicality of the process as well. People who own or have access to more professional equipment and actors with real talent can make for a better overall experience.

One crew not only has a great affinity for Friday The 13th films and the filmmaking process, but they also like to inject a little humor into their fan films. Red Dream Productions has previously created two short fan films sharing the exploits of Jason Voorhees where the poor guy just can't catch a break. An Unfortunate Friday The 13th has now become its own series of films that has received a lot of praise from viewers and with two movies in the can already, Red Dream Productions is now ready to unleash Part 3 next Friday on April 13th! To view the previous films, watch them below and make sure to check out the page for the production company below.

Look for the debut of An Unfortunate Friday The 13th Part 3 on Friday The 13th!

Red Dream Productions

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