Doug Tait Reveals More Freddy Vs Jason Behind The Scenes

Actor/Stuntman Doug Tait has garnered a huge fan following in recent years working on such films as the 2009 Star Trek franchise reboot, the Will Farrell Sci-Fi film Land of The Lost, and last Summer's blockbuster superhero film Thor. In-between movies, Doug portrays numerous monsters for television shows and major commercials. He also recently starred in a new slasher flick as the killer Railroad Jack in the indie hit Jack The Reaper. Before all of this crazy success in Hollywood, however, Doug played Jason Voorhees for a brief time in Freddy vs Jason!

We posted our interview with Doug last year for which he goes into great detail about his time on the set of Freddy vs Jason and the role he played in completing bringing the character to life for the final scene of the film. We have posted other photos of Doug during his days shooting the final scene of the film, but today he was nice enough to send this writer some brand new, never before seen images from the set of the film. Check out the crew prepping "The Monster Man" for his plunge into the water to show Jason Voorhees is the king of killers!

Big thanks to Doug for sending these photos to us! For more information on his career, check out his IMDb Page or visit his Facebook Page!

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