Behind The Scenes: Shelly's Make-Up For Part 3

Shelly is one of the most popular characters in the entire Friday the 13th film franchise and definitely holds his own in Friday The 13th Part 3. Larry Zerner had a blast playing Shelly and has had even more fun decades later sharing in the fan's enthusiasm for his now iconic performance within the horror series. His character Shelly fell victim to the "Boy who cried wolf" scenario in Part 3 when he was discovered with a grisly neck wound suffered at the hands of Jason Voorhees and the make-up effects for the wound looked very real.

So how did they get that blood to flow through the wound and onto Shelly's wet suit? Well, we have the answer for you. Featured below are some outstanding images of Larry Zerner in the make-up chair having the finishing touches added to prosthetic placed on his neck. You can see the blood tubes attached to his chest running underneath the appliance on his neck. As mentioned before, this is a great looking effect and kudos must go out to the effects crew for bringing this neck gouge look especially nasty!

The day in the make-up chair wouldn't be complete without The Prankster Shelly showing off the final product before going before the cameras for his finale!

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