Paramount's 100th Anniversary Logo

This isn't closely related to Friday the 13th news, but in reality, even though Paramount hasn't really been involved with the film franchise for over twenty years, most fans associate them with the Jason Voorhees franchise. Yes, Paramount co-distributed the 2009 film, which was a money move on their part, but it was great to see that logo appear in front of a new Friday the 13th film. Speaking of that logo, it's about to change again!

Variety just announced that Paramount has unveiled their new 100th Anniversary logo that will begin showing with the new Mission Impossible movie this weekend and show throughout 2012. At the start of 2013, the 100th Anniversary text will be dropped and the new logo will continue being used forward. The newest logo is featured below.

Since Paramount is as synonymous with Friday the 13th as Jason Voorhees himself and his iconic hockey mask, we thought it would be fun to revisit past logos, and for those of us who grew up during the golden years of the film franchise, we know what the all too familiar Paramount logo looked like in the early to mid 1980's. Below is a small tour of the different logos used during the one hundred years that Paramount Pictures has been in operation. Cinema buffs will appreciate this historic milestone for the company, but Friday The 13th fans will never forget what Paramount did to put the beloved franchise on the map for pop culture!

Source: Variety