Never Before Seen Part 3 Behind The Scene Photos!

It is truly a delight for Friday The 13th fans to see new images from behind the scenes of their favorite films in the franchise. In a lot of ways it makes watching the movies feel new again as the discovery of new facts from these behind the scenes photos can lend new insight into how the films were made. How about a new look at some scenes from Friday The 13th Part 3?!

Crash Cunningham deserves a lot of credit for releasing these never before seen gems at the Facebook page for fans to discover. Below are three photos from Part 3. Two are familiar scenes but the photos are taken from a different angle than what you see in the film and they are also very clean looking and do not look like they are from a film that is almost 30 years old.

The third photo has never been seen before, by our knowledge, and is really pretty interesting as this sequence was shot so close to the pier. Previous photos give the appearance that this scene was shot more into the middle of the make-shift lake. Notice Steve Miner by the camera on the pier along with the rest of the crew! This is an awesome behind the scenes image!