Magical Media Industries Behind The Scenes On The New Blood

Everyone loves to see behind the scenes pictures and documents that give insight into the making of the Friday the 13th films. However, besides such items and information that are used for film production, there are also similar items used for promoting the movies before and after their release in the theaters.

This is the case with Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood. There was a lot of promotion scheduled for that film's release on May 13, 1988, with a number of replica hockey masks created straight from the mask mold used for the film. Those extra masks were used for photo shoots for magazines and various other events. The following photo (and the image above) are of screen accurate hockey masks produced at Magical Media Industries, John Buechler’s special effects company, that created effects for the film.

P.E.G. Practical Effects Group posted these photos on their Facebook page. This group has tons of awesome effects and behind the scenes images from Horror and Sci-Fi genre films from the past fifty or more years.