Help Scares That Care, Win Derek Mears Signed Hock

We announced a few weeks ago that our website would be supporting the awesome Scares That Care foundation in their work to help ease the financial burden on families that are dealing with major illnesses or injuries. The not for profit organization also teamed up with Kane Hodder to help children who are victims of burn injuries. We do our part to spread the word and display a banner for the organization on the right side of our website.

Founder Joe Ripple just posted on the Scares That Care website his plans for distributing the money they raise:

For 2012 – I want to find three families that are going through an extremely difficult time due to the illness or the injuries that they are facing. Emotionally, physically and more importantly – financially. These three families will consist of the following;

- One family who has a child with a very serious or terminal illness (“Scares That Care!”)

- One family who has a lady who is battling breast cancer (“Scares For Pairs!”)

- One family who has a child that has suffered an extremely serious burn injury (“I Helped Kane!”)

This is where the $30,000 comes in. I want to be able to walk up to the family, without them knowing of our intent. I want to put a check in each of their hands for $10,000. And then, I want to turn around and walk away. I want them to know that those who like “the things that go bump in the night,” are there to show some compassion and support.

On their Facebook page, they announced plans for a special "Friday The 13th $5.00 Donation Day". That day will be January 13, 2012 and for those people that donate $5, they will be entered into a chance to win a signed replica hockey mask by Jason Voorhees himself, Derek Mears. Make sure to visit for more information and good luck to those who donate and enter to win the hockey mask this January!