Friday The 13th 2009 Grindstone Kill

Friday the 13th films are notorious for having death scenes and gore excised from the films. There are also those same scenes that are conceived during the writing process that are eventually never utilized when cameras begin rolling for production. One such death scene was never shot for Friday The 13th 2009, but resurrected last year for Halloween Horror Nights.

Although there is no Friday The 13th themed event at the Universal Studios Haunt in 2011, it is relevant to relay this awesome little piece of news from last year that will show fans that Jason had another unique instrument to use for dispatching victims in his underground lair. Although the grindstone kill never made it into the 2009 film, John Murdy, creative director at Univeral's Halloween Horror Nights, had this to say about the kill last year:

On the gore scale..the “Grindstone Kill” in all new Friday the 13th maze is an 11. Didn’t see this kill in the film but you’ll see it at HHN.

Check out the image of the re-enacted kill from last year's event and lets hope to see Jason return to the Hollywood them park next year!