DVD/Blu-Ray Combos On Hold?

Ever since it was announced that Paramount would be releasing a new DVD box set of the first eight films in the franchise, along with DVD/Blu-ray combos this October, many fans were wondering what, if anything new was to be included. Eventually it was revealed that the box set would include a new booklet and Combo packs would include movie cash for Paranormal Activity 3.

Not too many people were impressed with the offerings, but at least for the fans that did not own either the DVD or Blu-Ray for Friday The 13th 1980 or Friday The 13th Part 3, it would have been a good opportunity to get both formats and see a free movie in theaters in the process. That, however, may not be a reality anymore as it seems that the DVD/Blu-Ray combos that were to be released on October 4th may have been pulled from release for that date.

The combo packs have disappeared from a number of sale date schedules on the web, however a few well known retail chains still have the discs listed on their website for sale next month. Wal-Mart is usually on top of their game when it comes to listing products and updating their listings quite frequently. They still have these combo sets active online and even VideoEta still has them listed. It could merely be an error on the part of these website that they have not pulled these DVD/Blu-Ray packs yet. We will have to wait and see if they do indeed show up for sale on October 4th!