'Jason's Arsenal' Minimalist Friday the 13th Poster

We have come across many great fan made posters over the years, with some going the vintage 70's route, but we just found something that may be tops among fans of the Friday The 13th film franchise. Louisiana based Artist Adam Rabalais has been hard at work creating numerous minimalist posters for a wide variety of  films and now had created a definitive poster for Friday fans!

The poster that is represented below is stunning as many different unique items and weapons Jason has used to dispatch of this victims are utilized to outline and construct the iconic hockey mask of our favorite Crystal Lake slasher! On top of that, the vintage creases have been added from the old way of storing movie posters, which was by folding and not rolling.

Can our visitors pick out the weapons and match them up to the kills they were used for and which movies? How would you like to own a copy of this awesome poster? Right now, you can visit Adam's Etsy Store and either buy an 11 inch x 17 inch print or a full 27 inch x 40 inch print to display in your home or office.

If posters aren't your thing, what about getting your very own 'Jason's Arsenal' Shirt? Well for one day only, you can get this beautiful poster design as a T-shirt by visiting www.teefury.com on September 23rd. The shirt will be on sale for a 24 hour period only, and the cost of the shirt looks to be $10. We are not sure of the quality of the shirt, but for $10 you cannot go wrong. So, if you like the poster above, make sure to order yourself a print and also get your shirt in a few days on the 23rd!