New Pics, Friday the 13th: The Obsession

It is full steam ahead for Timberwolf Entertainment's new web series. Friday the 13th: The Obsession. The production is currently filming Episode 5 of the 7 episode series, which follows an obsessed Friday the 13th fan's  fall into a major psychotic break, using Jason Voorhees to settle more than a few scores. Just recently, new stills from the production have surfaced and more information revealed.

Below is a portion of what was written on Timberwolf's blog:

This week Hannah Townsend, Sarah Jain, Keith Christensen, cameraman Jeff Andersen and writer/director Tim Whitfield completed 90% of 'Episode 5' which has a ton of 'Fridayesq' material including, sex, violence a couple of brutal kills and a apperance by Mr. Voorhees himself to help along his 'killer' in training 'Amy Marcus' (Hannah Townsend).....

For more info on the update, make sure to visit their website, and check out the new images below.