Exclusive Update: Havoc And Unleaded Games' Friday The 13th

If you have been following along with our updates for the new Friday the 13th video game project spearheaded by Havoc Games and Unleaded Games, you know that a lot of preparation and time has been spent developing and implementing this ambitious venture. Our previous updates on the video game have shown new and breathtaking imagery featuring Crystal Lake and Jason Voorhees.

As we all know, a project of this size is time consuming, especially when it is being worked on by a small number of people, but with immense talent. Recently, Ken from Unleaded Games contacted us with an update containing new images from the game as well as a more detailed explanation of what stage the developers are at in producing the game environments as well as some insight into some of the game play fans will experience. Would you like to upgrade weapons and outfits for Jason anyone?

From Ken at Unleaded Games
The new level re-design has been going slow, but very well for Unleaded Games. They are currently putting in some final details such as power poles and generators to give a sense of realism to the environment. To date there are 10 unique locations in the first level which covers a 2 mile radius of a fictional Camp Crystal Lake, that is geographically based on Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco. 5 cabins surround the lake/camp area, while a rundown cabin can be found in the middle of the woods. You can also stumble onto campers in tents lost in the woods, and even Jason’s shack which operates as an upgrade store to cash in kill experience points to unlock new weapons and Jason gear from various movies. Also notable areas nearing completion is a homage to the Higgins heaven farm complete with a biker gang to dispatch, and also a homage to the Jarvis house can be found a short distance up the road from the barn.

Look for more updates on the game exclusively here at Friday the 13th: The Film Franchise in the future!

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