Friday the 13th Movie Website Updates

During the course of the year, we will check in from time to time on the official website for the 2009 Friday the 13th film, Since the films release two and half years ago, not much had changed, except for the incorporation of the Killer Cut DVD and Blu-Ray release information. Then, ealier this year, a majority of the website stopped working.

We checked out the website today, and now everything seems to be functioning quite well. All of the older content used for the theatrical release has been placed into newly designed areas. The website works mostly as a hub to promote the home video and On Demand releases, but it is interesting to see the website still fully functioning. So many times these films get released into theaters and home video and then the website fades away into obscurity. Sometimes the domain is just redirected to the distribution website (check out or the the domain just sits dormant with no website attached at all (visit

We are bringing you this information to show the fans that Warner Bros. seems to be keeping the machete sharpened for ol' Jason and with the domain name coming up for renewal on December 17th, we hope they continue to keep the website running as is until a sequel is announced.


  1. I think the domain is too valuable for them to let it go, so they will be renewing it. However, the other website you mentioned are 8-10 years old and I can see why New Line held onto the domains, but didn't maintain a site.

    If a sequel is made, then I am sure the domain will be used again.

  2. The stupid web site for that movie 'Space Jam' is still functioning. That pos is like 14 years old!!! haha

  3. Is that right? Wow. Impressive. Anyways, glad to see that they are maintaining the website. Hope to see a new movie in the next year or so.

  4. they should make another friday movie. the last one was awesome so they need to take their time and make this one jst as good or better so they dont mess anything up like rob zombie did with halloween 2. they should make jason go on a rampage and kill alot of ppl especially no good gang members and ppl like that. also make him fight some more special forces or marines or somthing. make it more challengeing. jason has his strength and they have combat skills of course jason will win but it would be a fun ride how everything plays out so fans are happy and jason is still stopped for a short amount of time


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