Lobby Card Of The Day: Spanish Part 6 And Hawes

The opening scene of Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part 6 is one of the most exciting of the series. Jason resurrected by lightning cause quite a stir among the Friday the 13th faithful. Jason's first kill from beyond the grave is quite memorable in setting the tone for the rest of the movie.

Alan Hawes' death is striking and yet simplistic. The heart ripping moment of Hawes (Ron Palillo) has left a lasting affect on the community as one of the more gruesome deaths dished out by Jason Voorhees. Below is a Spanish Part 6 Lobby Card depicting the infamous scene.

Thanks to a small scanner, the entire card could not be produced for the web, however, you can see that Martes 13 is used, which is Spanish for Tuesday 13, a more unlucky day in some Spanish cultures. Underneath Martes 13 it reads "Parte VI Jason Vive". On top of the card it reads "nada tan infernal muere". The loose translation for the phrase is "so infernal nothing dies".

Check out the lobby card below along with a unique behind the scenes image of the set-up of the scene!