'Six Degrees' Filming By Crystal Lake

At the beginning of the week, we brought you news that Corey Feldman is preparing to shoot the new horror film Six Degrees of Hell. We think it is great that he is staying in a genre that helped make him famous. Last night, we were dropped a line by the Writer and Producer of Corey's new film, Harrison Smith, who supplied us the first still from the film.

He mentioned the still was shot directly inside the real Hotel of Horror where Corey will be filming. The still contains several clues to plot elements of the new haunted house film and he promises more will be coming once the film starts shooting on August 1st. Can anyone pick up on clues littered throughout the pic below?

Click Image For Larger Version

Outside of this new update for the "Scariest Film of 2012", Harrison also mentioned a pretty cool piece of Friday the 13th related information. He let us in on the fact that Six Degrees of Hell is shooting only 40 minutes from Blairstown NJ, where the original Friday the 13th film was lensed. Harrison is going to try and get a special treat for our visitors to the website, and we hope he is able to pull it off! Stay tuned for something special!

Make sure to check out Corey's new film at the official website, www.sixdegreesmovie.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pages/Six-Degrees-of-Hell/242739789078346 and will we bring you more updates on his film when they are available!