Behind The Scenes: Rare 1980 Film Images

As much as we enjoy writing about rare marketing and international marketing and promotional material, we get even more excited about uncovering rare Friday the 13th images taken behind the scenes. There have been a great many stories on our website pertaining to these types of images, but today we have a couple of images that will surely delight the fans.

Over this past weekend the Facebook page for TGIF13 posted scores of behind the scenes images from all of the Friday the 13th films. A lot of the images we actually already have and are in the process of adding them to our website, however there are some real gems littered about the Facebook gallery. More specifically, the images we have listed below.

The first image is of Jack and Marcie (Kevin Bacon and Jeannine Taylor) from Friday the 13th 1980 in a very tender moment in what looks to be in-between takes. The second image is a spectacular shot of the cut death of Claudette from the film. This is probably the clearest image and most film ready angle of the character's death we have ever seen.

Make sure to visit the Facebook link above to view more images, most of which we have posted on our website from our collection in the next couple of weeks!