Take Friday the 13th With You In PDF!

A new feature added to Friday the 13th: The Film Franchise is the ability to create a PDF newspaper of the most recent news and stories posted on the website. This PDF paper is called The Friday the 13th Post and will automatically pull the most recent version of the website every time visitors click to download.

There are many times that visitors just cannot get to our website on a daily basis and as such, tend to miss out on certain stories during the week. Now anyone can visit the website, grab the PDF paper and read it whenever time permits. The PDF will always be located in the upper left side of the website!

A great feature with the The Friday the 13th Post is that if you are online and click on the title of a story or news item, you will directed right to the story as posted on the website, complete with images.

When you click on the link, the paper will take a few seconds to build and then you will see something similar to the page above. You have the option to just read or save as a PDF file using the menu provided at the bottom. This is a new feature and as such it still being tested out. If you run across any problems, please contact us at contact@fridaythe13thfranchise.com. Please leave comments below and let us know if you like the paper or if there are improvements you would like to see!