Lobby Card Of The Day: Spanish Part 3 And Chris In The Canoe

Starting today, we will be randomly posting small stories about a singular promotional lobby card from the film franchise and the scene it depicts. The lobby cards will cover different countries of origin in which we will offer a brief background as well as information on the scene displayed in the lobby card. Today we look at a Spanish Friday the 13th Part 3 lobby card with Chris Higgins in a canoe.

This lobby card displays the title of the film as Viernes 13 3 Parte. This writer has mentioned before that the Spanish language shows the title Friday the 13th in two different ways. The first is what is displayed on this lobby card and the other is Martes 13. Depending on which Spanish speaking country a lobby card originates from determines how the title is spelled.

Martes 13 is actually translated to Tuesday 13 in English. Why Tuesday, you may wonder? In certain Spanish speaking countries, Tuesday 13th is a far more of an unlucky day than Friday the 13th.

The image in the lobby card shows Chris Higgins sitting in a canoe after her long stalk and chase scene ended the night before with Jason having an axe embedded in his head. This canoe scene is indeed one of the signature dream sequences that the earlier Paramount Friday the 13th films were famous for. Fans are still not that impressed with the Part 3 recycled dream sequence, though, as it ultimately leads to Mrs. Voorhees jumping from the lake to pull Chris under the water. Most fans yearn for the alternate ending dream sequence where Chris is decapitated by Jason.

In the mean time, check out the item that is in the canoe. We didn't realize that Chris brought a rain jacket with her into the canoe the night before!

The Lobby Card is Cut Off A Bit On the Left Due To The Size Of Our Scanner