Camp Blood Exposed. John Gray Speaks!

One of the longest standing topics in the horror and Friday the 13th community has been John Gray and Texas Fear Fest's complete robbery of fans that paid for tickets to what was supposed to be the biggest Friday the 13th convention ever produced. The convention never took place and fans are furious.

I wrote about this situation in January, having knowledge that not all was right with this convention prior to the original August 13, 2010 date. Check out the that story to get a background if you have not been following all of the events. The convention did not happen and was "postponed" to May 13, 2011. Of course, everyone knows that this show did not happen either. Luckily, the horror community united, led by Kristy Jett and the website she writes for, Kristy was able to help expose the scam to the point where fans were able to find government agencies to report the theft of money by Mr. Gray.

Throughout this ordeal, many fans have gone through the proper channels to report the theft of their money, and in doing so, along with the Kristy's help, have brought this scam to the attention of the media. Just aired last night, the CBS affiliate in the Dallas/Forth Worth area, CBS 11, aired a spot on John Gray and his failed Texas Fearfest event. In fact, the investigative reporter, Ginger Allen, caught up with John and had a few questions for him. Check out the video of the news spot below.

Big thanks go to Kristy and everyone else who worked hard to help bring the story to this point and not let it fade into the distance. Also, another thanks must go to Dave Hagan for putting together an impromptu Friday the 13th reunion show last weekend to help make up for the failed and deceitful Camp Blood show. I hope that everyone involved in this mess will finally be able to find closure sometime in the near future.

Source: CBS 11 Dallas/Fort Worth

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