Friday the 13th 1980 Filming Locations

Filming Locations:
- Downtown Blairstown: Blairstown, New Jersey
- Blairstown Diner: Blairstown, New Jersey
- Camp NobeBoSco: Hardwick Township, New Jersey

Blairstown is a small town in the Northwest corner of New Jersey. Camp NoBeBoSco is operated by the Northern New Jersey Counsel Boy Scouts of America. The camp is private property and still holds Summer camps to this day!

Blairstown, NJ & Hope, NJ

Store/Diner Annie Walks Into (Formerly Cork's Candle, Bath & Body)
(26 Main St, Blairstown, NJ)
The gray building with the balcony is the store where Annie went in to ask for directions to Camp Crystal Lake. Note: All of the actual inside shots were filmed at a different location at Hartung's store in Hope, NJ.

Blairstown Diner
(186 State Route 94, Blairstown, NJ)
This is the diner that Steve Christy spends lunch at while his counselors are being killed. The diner continues to be open for business, and is happy for a visit from Friday the 13th fans.

Camp NoBeBoSco in Hardwick Township, NJ

This camp was the main filming location, and many of the structures are still the same. Take note, this is a functioning Boy Scouts camp, so at the request of the managers, please do not come to the campsite without prior permission. It is possible to contact the managers to visit the camp location on off-seasons, but please be courteous and respect the camp property.

(All images of Filming Locations posted above are courtesy Tony Urban Photography)
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