Behind The Scenes: Jason's Animatronic Head

The climactic scene of Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter has Tommy Jarvis thrusting a large machete into the side of Jason's head, almost slicing his head in half. To achieve the effect of Jason writhing in pain with facial expressions, an animatronic head was created.

The naked head was first created and technology tweaked to get Jason's facial movements perfected. Then the latex skin was placed over the mechanized head and the head attached to a dummy torso. The green shirt would then be placed over the torso to give the appearance as the actual Jason in the film.

Below are images of the different stages of the creation of the animatronic head as it makes it way to being filmed for Jason's bloody demise!

(Images Courtesy Crash Cunningham, Crystal Lake Memories and Larry S. Carr)

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