Obsession Web Series Casting And Hockey Mask Updates

A few days ago, Timbwerwolf West and Midnight Hill Entertainment announced a new addition to their cast, the beautiful Sarah Jain, to play the role of the unpleasant female in the new web series Friday the 13th: The Obsession. Now, the online series has had a shift in roles for one actress, an additional cast member has been added and a mention of the hockey mask that will be used.

Laura Kane
Marie Lynn was orignally set to play the character Kerri Miner, who would be immersed in a lot of action scenes, running from the killer. However, she has decided to change roles in the web series to something she has not really done before in her career. Her position is explained below, from the Timberwolf blog:

Marie enjoys action roles,  so it was a given for her to take on the role of  'Kerri Marcus' who is the main scream queen role in 'Obsession'. Kerri, the sister of main love interest 'Stephanie Marcus' has a big action sequence and chase scene in the later portion of the web series.. However, after Marie took on the lead scream queen role in feature "Burlesque Massacre 2" she rethought the idea of doing a similar role in 'Obsession'. Instead she decided to take a romantic lead in the series, a romantic lead which requires a intimate love scene with lead actress Hannah Townsend who is playing Amy Marcus. Any romantic role is a little different for her, but a romantic lead with another woman is very out of her 'normal' experience.

Taking her place is actress/wrestler Lauren Kane. She will lend a lot to the action in the climactic chase scenes.

Also mentioned at the official Facebook account for the web series, effects artist Gene Mazza hinted that early stage mask pics for the hockey mask would be displayed tomorrow, so we will make sure to post those when they are made available! Also, make sure to visit our Friday the 13th: The Obsession page for all of the the plot synopsis, episode list, cast info and promotional materials released so far!