Hockey Mask, Storyboard Auctioned Last Weekend

This past weekend, Premier Props held a huge auction for some very old and unique props from various film and television shows. There were some great props auctioned off as well as storyboards and press kits. Items included were for movies such as Batman (1989), Transformers 2 and Indiana Jones.

However, the two items of interest for this site were the Jason Goes To Hell hockey mask and storyboards from Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. It is quite debateable if the hockey mask is actually screen used as there indeed seems to be something off with either the eyes, paint job or both. The mask does come with a C.O.A. from Kane Hodder, so perhaps it is legitimate, but not entirely confirmed. Perhaps we can find out more about that in the near future.

The storyboards have their own history. I first wrote about this set last May on my previous website and at that time there was a little hesitancy within the community if they were indeed authentic boards used on the set of the film. The storybaords were up on eBay in April 2010 and never sold and now they have shown up in the auction that took place last weekend. It is very possible that they are legitimate as well, but with the red ink on the page it looks a bit akward.

Take a look at the photos below of the auctioned items and see for yourself!