Forum Reorganized, Jason Actor Joins Website!

It was long overdue, but the discussion forum has been reorganized to make it easier to scroll through topics and read responses. Hopefully, the changes will be acceptable to our visitors and make for a more enjoyable experience. The biggest news about the forum has nothing to do with the reorganization at all. We are very lucky to have a Jason Voorhees actor join our forum for discussions!

Stuntman and Actor Douglas Tait has joined our forum to engage in discussions about his role in Freddy vs Jason as well as his many other creature roles in film. For those visitors that may not be familiar with Douglas's work, please read the interview we conducted with him last year in which he explains his time filming Freddy vs Jason as well as his other projects from that time.

To ask Doug questions or just say hello, please sign into our forum right now and find his forum in the new Friday the 13th Actor And Crew section. Doug is very active in Hollywood at this time and has numerous projects that he is currently working on, so there could be delays in answers to your questions. Don't worry, though, as he loves interacting with the fans and will be popping in periodically!

If you do not have an account for our website/forum, it's easy to sign up. Big thank you goes to Mr. Tait for joining us in our crazy world of Friday the 13th.