Behind The Scenes: Jason X Wardrobe Polaroids

Jason X made a very drastic change in Jason Voorhees's appearance, not only because of the different hockey mask that pre-Uber Jason wore, but the entire look of the cyborg Jason from head to toe. In order to keep track of the multiple amounts of damage and subtle changes in the clothing of Jason, polaroid images were taken to track the progress during filming.

In October of 2009, Mario Kirner posted a story at pertaining to those very Polaroids  which he has in his possession that showed Kane Hodder trying on the different costumes Jason Voorhees would appear in for the film. In Mario's story, he explains that these photos were very necessary to keep continuity in the movie as scenes were shot out of sequence and Jason may look different from one scene to the next.

A few of those Polaroids are below with Kane's hand written notes specific to each image. Make sure to visit Mario's website and click on the news section to read the rest of the story he created relating to these images. In the news section of his website, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see his story and another Polaroid image as well!