Kolchak Stalks Jason In Unique Comic

Have you ever wanted to go to Crystal Lake and investigate the mysterious murders and disappearances of vacationing teens? How about research the town's self imposed curse on Crystal Lake? Well, one man has taken it upon himself to find out these answers and more, putting himself right in the middle of Jason Voorhees' world.

In a new Friday the 13th tale, Kolchak the Nightstalker searches for answers to the legend of Jason Voorhees. This a very unique concept as it is a comic story where the creator uses custom Jason figures as well as licensed Jason figures and places them into a graphicly designed comic layout to tell the Jason Voorhees story. This is a six chapter photo comic story that is currently on chapter five. Read the synopsis of the story below.

“Kolchak the Nightstalker: Devils Birth” is a six part photo story where Kolchak discovers the dark origins of Jason Voorhees, because sometimes in order to stop something, you first need to know how it began.

Below are some stunning portions of the comic that tells the terrifying tale of Jason Voorhees with Kolchak hot on his trail. To read the entire comic up to Chapter 5, please visit the kolchak photo comics website!

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