Killing Kelly Hu: Eva's Death In Part 8

Kane Hodder puts a lot of physicality into his performace as Jason Voorhees. So much so, that he has the injuries and certain scars to prove it. However, even the scenes that fans would think would be the tiniest bit of a problem to film ended up taking a major toll on the actor. Such was the case during the filming of the death scene of Eva (Kelly Hu) in Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan.

While filming the dance floor death scene with actress Kelly Hu, Kane Hodder first mentioned that it was one of the most tiring scenes he had ever filmed. Having to hold his arms up above his head for multiple takes while appearing to choke the Eva character and also continue to wear the hockey mask made it hard to breath and take in the necessary breaths. In-between takes, Kane had to immediately take off the hockey mask for a few deep breaths.

Mr. Hodder also stated that the stunt double for the Eva character used for the scene was on her first job as a stunt person. He went on to explain that there were multiple takes of Jason throwing her to the ground and the stunt double had to land as if she was a dead body and was unable to break her fall. Needless to say, that poor person left the days shoot with a lot of bruises from that scene.

Kelly Hu mentioned in an interview once that she made a conscious effort to not scream during her death scene. Her intentions were to bring something a bit different to the film and not be just another screaming girl in a Friday the 13th film. Her efforts were, however, all for not as later in the editing room, the filmmakers brought in another actress to scream during Kelly's scene as they did not realize during filming that she completed her scene without screaming.

There is indeed a lot that goes into creating just a singular scene in any motion picture and filming a death scene in a Friday the 13th movie is no different!