Custom 1/6 Scale A New Beginning Roy Figures

It has been a while since One's Customs has displayed some completed figures from the Friday the 13th universe, but this past weekend, he was able to unveil his newest creations from Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. His custom 1/6 scale Pseudo Jason figures are of the highest detail, but we expect nothing less from one of the best customizers in the business.

For this new crop of figures, a brand new head sculpt was created for our favorite psycho ambulance responder. Every detail of Roy's look from the final encounter of A New Beginning is on display, with near fatal wounds showcased in the stomach and shoulder areas as well as blood dripping from Roy's mouth underneath the hockey mask. The clothing is fully weathered and even the boots are finely detailed with weathering and wear and tear.

Watch the video below to see and hear all about these awesome replicas of Pseudo Jason, Roy Burns. At the end of the video you'll also get a sneak peak of some Halloween and Michael Myers goodness. Make sure to visit Ones Custom's Youtube channel as well as his new forum on to talk all things horror!