Camp Adventures Filming Friday the 13th Part 2

A few years ago, a great article was written pertaining to the production of Friday the 13th Part 2. The article was written by a friend of the owner of the camp filming location, Camp Kenmont. That friend, Bob Deakin, explains in his article how the owner (Lloyd Albin) came to except the filming at his camp and some of the interesting stories that occurred during the production.

The report was written in July 2010 and it details how Mr. Albin feared the crew from Part 2 would destroy his camp as well as the filming potentially being bad for business as he thought kids would be scared to swim at a place that was used for a movie about a killer. In fact, Mr. Albin insisted that no panoramic shots could be used of the premises so that it would not be easily recognized by potential future campers.

In the end, Mr. Albin agreed to let the crew film Part 2 at his camp as he had the ideal situation for lodging of the crew and the kids had just left from their Summer Camp. There are a couple of very cool stories anecdoted from the report as well.

- First, it is mentioned that the crew did construct Jason’s shack on Camp Kenmont’s land and was left intact after filming. However, Mr. Albin had it torn down afterwards as he did not want fans of the movie trying to visit his land to track down the iconic structure.

- The owner also mentions the night that Steve Dash had to go to the hospital for stitches with the machete prop still on his shoulder. He said it caused quite a commotion at the hospital.

- After the crew was bused to the Casino for that night of shooting, producers called Mr. Albin in dire need as the caterer cancelled. So, he took his chef from camp to the casino and cooked for nearly 200 people.

- After the release of the film, the actors called Mr. Albin to have permission for a reunion camp out on his property.

He obliged and afterwards the actors left him a few souvenirs. One of the mummified Mrs. Voorhees  heads used in the production was found hanging in a net from a tree (Pictured below) and the Camp Crystal Lake sign that Sandra finds in the film. It is mentioned that the owner had kept both to this day.

There are other stories and information on the filming and some of the history of the town in the report, so please check out for the full lot of information.