Creating The Friday the 13th 1980 Poster

For the truly hardcore Friday the 13th fan, knowing who created the poster for the original 1980 film is another piece of trivia to soak into their already knowledgeable mind. Honestly, those hardcore fans may already know the people responsible for the creation of the historic and iconic poster. For those people that do not know who created the design and who illustrated that concept, we have a brief rundown here today.

There were two key parties that aided in the final poster design used in the marketing of the film. Spiros Angelikas was a designer as well as the owner of the firm, Spiros Associates. Mr. Angelikas designed the Friday the 13th illustration seen on the poster and his firm helped advertise Friday The 13th 1980. Spiros also created the infamous Friday The 13th Part 2 poster art which was never used in marketing for that film (Posted Below).

Alex Ebel, an accomplished fantasy and science fiction illustrator, painted the final poster for Friday the 13th 1980. Mr. Ebel was also involved in illustrations for a number of covers for genre books and magazines including Heavy Metal Magazine and the 1950's magazine Fantastic Stories Magazine. He also illustrated for World Book Encyclopedia. Below is the cover for the Fantastic Stories Magazine that he created for the Winter 1954 issue.

Early Friday The 13th Part 2 Concept Poster Art
As was always the case in Friday the 13th films, there was a collaborative effort to create the now iconic poster for the benchmark slasher film of the 1980's. We can only hope that horror studios bring back this type of artistic poster art for future horror films for audiences to enjoy once again!

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