Jason Goes To Hell A Paramount Production?

The big news in the late 1980's, early 1990's was that Paramount Pictures sold the distribution rights of the Friday the 13th franchise to New Line Cinema. There was a lot of enthusiasm that Freddy vs Jason was going to occur soon. However, as many of the fans know, that film was stuck in development hell for over a decade and in the interim, Jason Goes To Hell was conceived.

The film that would show in theatres in 1993 would be the farthest departure from formula in the entire franchise.

Crash Cunningham recently released a very rare and quite possibly never seen before image behind the scenes on the set of Jason Goes To Hell. I am a huge fan of the film and seeing this image was a huge thrill. The one comical portion of this photo that I noticed was a member of the crew in the background, behind Kane Hodder, wearing a Paramount Pictures sweatshirt. Did New Line enlist the help of Paramount to complete the film?

I kid of course, but it would be funny if New Line Cinema needed a helping hand to complete a film in the franchise that Paramount started. Anyways, enjoy the photo below as an effects artist applies more detailing to Kane's glove before he shoots a scene in the beginning of the film!

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