New Freddy vs Jason 19 Inch Figure For January 2011

UPDATE: I contacted NECA Toys and they informed me that this is a reissue of the 19 inch figure from 2005 with the same packaging!

I had to take a triple take when seeing this figure for sale. I had to confirm with a few other websites to make sure that this new Jason Voorhees figure is not the same 2005
incarnation that has been long out of stock. The news is indeed true however, as NECA is releasing a brand new Jason Voorhees 19 inch figure, based on the film Freddy vs Jason, will be hitting stores approximately January 31, 2011.

Each store is different in when they receive their shipment, so start looking in stores around the middle of January for availability.

Jason stands over 19" tall and has a removable hockey mask. The figure is poseable at the neck, shoulders, wrists, and waist as Jason will tower over all your other figures. And of course, Mr. Voorhees comes complete with machete. The retail for this piece looks to be averaging $44.99. If interested, go ahead and Pre-Order 19 inch Jason Voorhees today!


  1. I'm guessing it's a stock image that's being used. It looks just like the old one. Still I'm not really excited by it. It's a version that I'm sick of seeing. I'd rather they do a new version based off a version we haven't seen before or a brand new version of the New Blood Jason.

  2. The image was a big reason why I had to double check and make sure this was not the 2005 release. I am trying to get images of the new packaging and post when it is available.

  3. I have no doubt you'll be the first to post it for sure.

  4. Crystal Lake SlasherDecember 26, 2010 at 1:28 PM

    This is great new. Can't wait to see pics of the box and figure!


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