Convention Promos For Friday the 13th Alumni

Anyone who has followed my writing in the past knows that I am very much about letting all of the fans know about conventions that include Friday the 13th alumni that attend. Usually, you will always have Friday stars attend the bigger events, such as Horrorhound or Monstermania. However, in 2011, there is a brand new convention, named Days Of The Dead that is going to bring some new competition to the circuit.

So far, the new convention has been putting together an impressive list of stars from the series, including Derek Mears and John Carl Buechler, and recently they released some of their promotional graphics for the individual stars. Below are a few of the promotional ads for the Friday the 13th stars as well as a pseudo comic book promo ad featuring Jason Voorhees in the film reel to the left. Look for Days Of The Dead this July!