Behind The Scenes: Vinnie And Pete, A New Beginning

We have written many stories about Friday the 13th: A New Beginning and the mysteries that surround the filming and circumstances of the film. Little by little over the past couple of years, this writer, with the help of others, have found numerous photos and information that has shed light on the production of the film.

The most important items found to unlocking certain clues for A New Beginning have been behind the scenes images. Some images we have posted on the website before, but we know that there are many that have not seen our current offering, which is the scene with Vinnie and Pete. So, we decided to include those images in this story along with some brand new images from that infamous scene. "Ratatatatouie......."

Below are behind the scenes images of the two actors that portray Vinnie (Anthony Barrile) and Pete (Corey Parker). There are candid images of the two actors during their scene, but the money shots are the F/X images of Pete being killed with the machete. You will notice that stuntman/Jason actor Tom Morga is in the back seat of the car wielding the machete!

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